About Me and this Blog

Haunted by Humans is all about stories. Fresh takes, recommendations, commentary and anything else about books, movies, comics, games…anything. If it is a good story I will run with it.

On a side note, I’m the lead editor and founder of Daventry Press. You can like that facebook page below, so this blog is the pseudo-official blog of Daventry Press.

It doesn’t matter where a story comes from, it matters where it takes you.

  1. Elise says:

    Great post, Jesse. Encouraging due to my family’s present condition. My mom loves freedom. She’s willing to die for it and shows this by her actions. She was arrested and jailed two weeks ago and injured by the police, although she injured no one. She does not contract with the jail and so refused to sign their bond. My siblings and I are praying fervently that she will be released soon. It’s not a fun situation, but I know exactly why she is doing what she is doing. It’s a matter of principle, she is not crazy – just a tad bit fervent in her stand for justice.

    American law is/was based on the idea that if there is no injury, there is no case. Today, if you injure the state corporation it is considered a crime, even if there is no injured party/accuser.

    Just a note, the courts are considered “government”, however, you can find each court listed on D&B.com or manta.com as private, for-profit, foreign, international corporations. However, they are NOT registered with the Secretary of State that they are doing business as such…kind of interesting. In my mind, since we’re taught that government is to be of, by and for the PEOPLE. Today, corporations masquerade as government. They are not for anyone but themselves. They make money. They monetize everything on the bond market, via numbers…truly a sad situation, especially when this is done without the majority of the people’s knowledge or consent.

    Most people don’t know that a simple, $160 speeding ticket is listed on manta.com within three days of issuance and is worth around $6,000 – or this was the case a couple years ago, maybe they monetize it for more, now.

    You are correct, people are waiving their freedoms for which men shed their blood and died. Freedom is not free.

    Strive not with a man without cause, if he have done thee no harm ~ Proverbs 3:30

  2. I like your title. I don’t have a Facebook account, otherwise I would like it. Thanks for the follow.

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