This Weekend in Cinema – 7/3/2014 – Swing and a Miss!

Posted: July 4, 2014 in This Weekend in Cinema
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The Blockbuster Report


Oh man was this a missed opportunity. With another slate of middling to bad films gracing theaters with their debuts this 4th of July weekend, how did a big studio not get this weekend for a big blockbuster. Tammy is another miss for Melissa McCarthy, which is too bad, because she’s hilarious, and Earth to Echo, which I had tempered hopes for despite the fact it felt like an E.T. ripoff, is just ok, although that’s enough to make it the clear best new film in wide release. Someone could have made a lot of money if they would have snatched this weekend. Perhaps they were scared off by the new Transformers “film” (that’s what Michael Bay calls it).

Oh, I almost forgot. Deliver Us From Evil is also a wide release film, its pretty “meh.”

To make things worse, there’s nothing really in limited release either…yawn.

Must See: None

Worth Your Time: Earth to Echo

Meh: None

Stay Away: Deliver Us From EvilTammy

Where do They Come From?

  • Earth to Echo: Original
  • Deliver Us From Evil: Adaptation from non-fiction book Beware the Night
  • Tammy: Original

Original: 23

Adaptation: 23

Sequel/Prequel: 8

Remake: 1

Re-release: 1


These ten films are the “Best of the Year,” IF THE YEAR ENDED TODAY. This weekend’s releases not included.

They are ranked based on likelihood of winning Best Picture at the Oscars, with #1 being most likely. International films not included until end of year if Oscar potential exists. Numbers in parenthesis are indicative of how many places the film moved from week to week.

DISCLAIMER: I may not personally recommend (or even like) all films on this list.

1) The Grand Budapest Hotel ( – )
3) The Lego Movie ( – )
4) How to Train Your Dragon 2 ( – )
5) Blue Ruin ( +1 )
6) Edge of Tomorrow ( -1 )
7) The Fault in Our Stars ( -3 )
8) X-Men: Days of Future Past ( +1 )
9) Snowpiercer (NEW)
10) Chef ( -1 )

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