This Weekend in Cinema – 6/20/14 – Coherence

Posted: June 19, 2014 in This Weekend in Cinema
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The Blockbuster Report


Oh man, this weekend looks pretty abysmal for new releases. We’ve got Think Like a Man Too, which could get nominated for a Razzie for Worst Film of the Year, and Jersey Boys (yes, based on the musical), which, aside from the music, really lacks the heart and soul of the stage edition. There’s really not much in limited release either, as Third Person, starring Mila Kunis and James Franco, is nothing special and the same goes for everything else.

The one exception may be Coherence, an indy film by James Ward Byrkit (his directing debut), which is an interesting sci-fi flick that takes place almost entirely in one room. It incorporates themes of theoretical physics, comets, paradoxes, Schrödinger’s cat, and, as you might expect, some thrills and chills as the players find out that an astronomical event may be breaking reality. A solid debut for sure.

Other than that, if you are going to a theater this weekend, it’s probably best to spend your money on a holdover like How to Train Your Dragon 2Edge of TomorrowThe Fault in Our Stars, or something along those lines.

Must See: None

Worth Your Time: Coherence

Meh: Jersey Boys

Stay Away: Think Like a Man Too, Third Person


Where do They Come From?

  • Think Like a Man Too: Sequel
  • Jersey Boys: Adaptation of play of the same name.
Original: 21
Adaptation: 23
Sequel/Prequel: 9
Remake: 1
Re-release: 1
These ten films are the “Best of the Year,” IF THE YEAR ENDED TODAY. This weekend’s releases not included.
They are ranked based on likelihood of winning Best Picture at the Oscars, with #1 being most likely. International films not included until end of year if Oscar potential exists. Numbers in parenthesis are indicative of how many places the film moved from week to week.
DISCLAIMER: I may not personally recommend (or even like) all films on this list.
1) The Grand Budapest Hotel ( – )
3) The Lego Movie ( – )
4) How to Train Your Dragon 2 (NEW)
5) The Fault in Our Stars ( -1 )
6) Edge of Tomorrow ( -1 )
7) Blue Ruin ( -1 )
8) Chef ( – )
9) X-Men: Days of Future Past ( -2 )
10) Stand Clear of the Closing Doors ( – )

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