Captain America Throws His Mighty S.H.I.E.L.D.

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Comic Books/Graphic Novels, Films
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Absinthe USA

New deal –  if I’m doing a new release film review, then it will accompany TWIC. So…here goes.

Captain America and Falcon

Basically, Marvel’s done it again. Captain America: Winter Soldier is one of their best, safely making the top tier along with The Avengers and Iron Man. Marvel has an amazing knack for putting people in perfect roles. The Russo brothers, best known for the TV show Community, completely knock it out of the park, and a great cast is along for the ride.

Simply put, this is the best fight choreography I’ve seen in a film (martial arts films aside), and everyone gets in on it: Captain America, Falcon, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, (the soon to be) Crossbones, everyone. The dialogue is witty, but not too over-the-top funny, well crafted, and not full of hot air.

For some of these actors, this is their second or third time around with these characters, and you can tell that they have grown into them. Chris Evans has always been great as Cap, but Scarlett Johanssen (Black Widow), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill), and Toby Jones (Dr. Zola, in flashbacks) all take their characters to the next level. Thr0w in newcomers Robert Redford (Alexander Pierce), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), and Frank Grillo (Brock Rumlow), and you’ve got an amazing cast. UFC legend Georges St- Pierre, making his debut on the big screen, shows that he’s , delivering an engaging performance (and fight) as Marvel D-List villain Baltroc the Leaper.

As some people have already said, this is a spy movie dressed up in super hero clothing, with a story very relevant to what’s happening in the U.S. these days. And in a cinematic universe where the villains can be as charismatic as the heroes, Cap isn’t overshadowed, although we get a clear antithesis image of the shadowy Winter Soldier, a polar opposite to Steve Rodgers.

Whether you’re a comic book fan or not, you should really see this film. Oh, and on a side note, stay until after ALL the credits, or you’ll miss something really neat.

My rating: 9 out of 10 stars.

Also out this weekend in wide release: Afflicted, a new found-footage horror film.

Where do They Come From?

  • Captain America: Winter Solider : Sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers
  • Afflicted: Original

Original: 11

Adaptation: 15

Sequel/Prequel: 3

Remake: 1

Re-release: 1


These ten films are the “Best of the Year,” IF THE YEAR ENDED TODAY. They are ranked based on likelihood of winning Best Picture at the Oscars, with #1 being most likely.

International films not included until end of year if Oscar potential exists. This weekend’s releases not included. Numbers in parenthesis are indicative of how many places the film moved from week to week.

DISCLAIMER: I may not personally recommend (or even like) all films on this list.

1) The Grand Budapest Hotel ( – )

2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier (NEW)

3) The Lego Movie ( -1 )

4) Veronica Mars ( -1 )

5) Gimme Shelter ( -1 )

6) A Birder’s Guide to Everything ( -1 )

7) Mr. Peabody & Sherman ( -1 )

8) Muppets Most Wanted ( -1 )

9) Afflicted (NEW)

10) Grand Piano ( –2 )


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