This Weekend in Cinema (Plus Oscar Results) – 3/7/2014

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Before we move on to TWIC, just a quick update on how my Oscar predictions went. I correctly predicted 22 out of 24 categories, bettering last years guesses by 2. My only two misses were Best Film Editing, where Gravity beat my prediction Captain Phillips, and Best Animated Short, where Mr. Hublot beat out Get a Horse!

Also, a quick reminder to all the folks that somehow thought Leo DiCaprio was “due” to win an Oscar. This should serve as a reminder that, generally speaking, the Academy DOES NOT reward nominees because they are “due.” Some voters may vote that way, but its a negligible amount. Here’s looking at you Tom O’Neill.

Ok, on to the show.

The Blockbuster Report

It has certainly been a good year so far for animated films. The Lego Movie was awesome, The Nut Job, despite mediocre reviews, earned enough to call for a sequel, and The Wind Rises hit American theaters recently with a great voiceover cast.


This weekend, we have Mr. Peabody & Sherman, a new take on the classic characters from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Since I’m a big R&B fan, this is one of my co-Films to Catch this weekend. The other is the new Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Starring Bill Murray, Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Jude Law, and many more awesome folks, this looks to be a riot, especially if you’re a fan of Anderson’s brand of cinema. This film is in limited release only for now.

Also in theaters this week, we have 300: Rise of an Empire getting middle-of-the-road reviews in wide release and a few limited release films. Haunt and In Fear are both horror films, with In Fear being the better of the two. Grand Piano has an amazing premise; the film takes places in a concert hall, where a master pianist, played by Elijah Wood, discovers a sniper will kill him if he plays a single note wrong. Wowzers.

Where do They Come From?

Including last week’s films.

  • Non-Stop: Original, written by John W. Richardson, Chris Roach, Ryan Engle.
  • Son of God: Adapted from the TV mini-series The Bible.
  • 300: Rise of an Empire: Adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel “Xerxes.” (Note: As this is a direction adaptation of a sequel/prequel book and not simply a sequel to a film, it qualifies as an adaptation (like the Harry Potter series would, for example).
  • Mr. Peabody & Sherman: Adaptation of characters from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

Original: 8

Adaptation: 12

Sequel/Prequel: 1

Remake: 1

Re-release: 1


These ten films are the “Best of the Year,” IF THE YEAR ENDED TODAY. They are ranked based on likelihood of winning Best Picture at the Oscars, with #1 being most likely.

International films not included until end of year if Oscar potential exists. This weekend’s releases not included. Numbers in parenthesis are indicative of how many places the film moved from week to week.

DISCLAIMER: I may not personally recommend (or even like) all films on this list.

1) The Lego Movie ( – )

2) Gimme Shelter ( – )

3) A Field In England ( – )

4) Non-Stop (NEW)

5) At Middleton ( -1 )

6)  Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit ( -1 )

7) Son of God (NEW)

8) RoboCop ( – )

9) Life of a King ( -3 )

10) The Monuments Men ( -2 )


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