This Weekend In Cinema – Shelter – 1/24/14

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Since early January is rarely home to cinematic masterpieces, and because the Award Season starts heating up, I give things a little buffer before starting up TWIC again. Here we go…

The Blockbuster Report

Out this weekend are two films of note. One looks atrocious and is in wide release (I, Frankenstein), the other is awesome and in limited release (Gimme Shelter).

James Earl Jones and Vanessa Hudgens star in Gimme Shelter.

James Earl Jones and Vanessa Hudgens star in Gimme Shelter.

Go check out Gimme Shelter if it is playing near you. Some critics have been trying to mark it down as a clichéd tear-jerker, but that isn’t really the case. Its a story about hope in the midst of darkness. Look deeper into this film, it goes way beyond surface feelings and expectations. Its an experience film, one without the star power of 12 Years a Slave, but one that will take you on an emotional ride none the less. Check it out, its worth it. Synopsis following courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.

“Based on a true story that centers on 16-year-old Agnes “Apple” Bailey (Vanessa Hudgens), Gimme Shelter uncovers the struggle for survival and the hope of redemption through the harsh realities of life on the streets. As a pregnant teenager, Apple’s journey plummets her into a perilous struggle until finding salvation in a suburban shelter for homeless teens. With provisions of unprecedented comfort, a collective sisterhood connection and female empowerment, the shelter elevates Apple to break the shackles of her past and inspires her to embrace the future with clarity, maturity and hope.”

Where Do They Come From?

Just a new year reminder, this second section keeps track of wide releases and their source material. They may be original screenplays, adapted works, sequel/prequel, remake, or re-release (as in new 3D versions of films).

From the start of the year:

  • Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – Sequel/spinoff of the Paranormal Activity franchise.
  • The Legend of Hercules – Tough one. Since it based on a mythical character, but not a story of him already written down, original I guess.
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – Adapted from characters created by Tom Clancy.
  • Ride Along – Original
  • The Nut Job – Adapted from short film Surly Squirrel
  • Devil’s Due – Original
  • I, Frankenstein – Adapted from the graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux

Original: 3

Adaptation: 3

Sequel/Prequel: 1

Remake: 0

Re-release: 0


These ten films are the “Best of the Year,” and most likely to win the most awards, IF THE YEAR ENDED TODAY.

They are ranked based on likelihood of winning Best Picture at the Oscars, with #1 being most likely. International films not included until end of year if Oscar potential exists.

DISCLAIMER: I may not personally recommend or like all films on this list, but these are my favorites to win awards.

1) Gimme Shelter

2) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

3) Life of a King

4) Ride Along

5) Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

6) The Nut Job

7) Summer in February

8) I, Frankenstein

9) Devil’s Due

10) The Legend of Hercules


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