This Weekend in Cinema – 11/22/13 – Catching a Cold

Posted: November 23, 2013 in This Weekend in Cinema
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The Blockbuster Report

Of course, there is one film that everyone is buzzing about this weekend: Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games. Good reviews are roaring in, and the success of the first film (a March release) has probably opened the purse strings a little. The film will likely set some November records, and I’m excited to see it as well. It is my Film to Catch of the weekend. Of course, even if you’re not part of the Hunger Games Craze, it is still your best bet. The Delivery Man is just plain atrocious. You might say it doesn’t (ahem)…deliver the goods.

This poster is awesome.

This poster is awesome.

In limited release, there is a film that is generating some buzz. Philomena is the true story of Philomena Lee (played by Judi Dench), as she teams with a BBC reporter to find her son, who she gave up for adoption years before, while signing a contract that prohibited her from ever trying to locate her child. This is also a must see.

Where Do They Come From?

Catching Fire is a sequel, Delivery Man is a remake of the foreign film Starbuck.

Original: 43

Adaptation: 30

Sequel/Prequel: 18

Remake: 3

Re-release: 3

Oscarwatch (Not including this weekend’s films)

Only a month and a half left of 2013, which means the awards season will be upon us soon. I’ve put asterisks on films that are highly likely to get a bunch of nominations, including Best Picture.

1) 12 Years a Slave*

2) Gravity*

3) Captain Phillips*

4) Before Midnight

5) Fruitvale Station

6) Nebraska (NEW)

7) Blue Jasmine

8) Dallas Buyers Club

9) Mud

10) The Spectacular Now


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