The Top 10 DC Characters That Should Have Been in Injustice (Instead of Scorpion)

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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News is rolling out this week that the “special edition” of the DC fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us will be out later this year, which is a sure sign that there will be no more DLC, which is unfortunate. Its a great game made even better by the added content. However, whenever I play it, I wonder one thing. Why Scorpion? In a DC Comics fighting game, why waste a DLC character on someone who isn’t from the DC Universe? As best I can tell, it was just the developers trying to get one of their Mortal Kombat characters into another game. But there were plenty of fantastic DC characters that would have been amazing to play as. Here are 10 of them, in alphabetical order, accompanied by a potential super move (you’ll know what this is if you’ve played the game).

1) Darkseid

Darkseid does appear in the game, but only as a non-playable character in one of the stage transitions. He is an unlockable character in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, but it would have been great to see him in Injustice. With power and strength that parallels or exceeds characters like Superman, Doomsday, and Shazam, he’d be a great brawler, but thanks to his other powers, he’d have great range attacks as well.  


Darkseid’s main claim to fame is the Omega Beam, shot from his eyes with concussive or disintegrating results. He can teleport, shoot energy blasts from his hands, is extremely fast, and can manipulate matter with his mind. Plenty to work with here.

Supermove: Darkseid plunges his opponent into the Omega Sanction, a succession of painful alternate realities, each getting progressively worse.

2) Etrigan

If you know anything about Scorpion, it’s that he uses lots of fire attacks, and he’s pretty much a demon in ninja garb. Well, how about using an actual demon from DC?  


Etrigan was fused to his human “host” Jason Blood by Merlin (yes, that Merlin), and they share a life. It’s similar to the Hulk, but the transformation is made willingly, and the two entities aren’t the same person, or even different personalities. Etrigan is a savage fighter who breathes and commands mystical fire. He’s been known to use a sword on occasion, and aside from his fangs and claws, his mastery of magic, superstrength, and enhanced agility make him more than a match for anyone (and he’s much more powerful than Scorpion).

Supermove: Etrigan impales his opponent on a flaming sword, opens a portal to hell and throws him in a lake of fire.

3) Gorilla Grodd

There is nobody from Flash’s rogue’s gallery in the game, and who wouldn’t want to play as a talking, mind-controlling gorilla? Grodd is a conqueror, raising up apes from Gorilla City in numerous attempts at world conquest. It might sound corny, but there have been some great story arcs featuring Grodd, and if you look close at the Stryker’s Island battle stage, you’ll see him in the background.


Grodd can fire off telekinetic force beams from his helmet, and he is known as a genius, building a variety of weapons to use in combat. His favorites are laser guns and knives. He also is able to create illusions in his opponents minds, tricking them into attacking something that isn’t there. Grodd is much stronger than a normal gorilla, although his thought processing speed is about the same as a human.

Supermove: Grodd grabs his opponent by the arm and flings him high in the air. This is followed by a bevy of blows, culminating in a huge laser to the face.

4) Larfleeze

One of my personal favorites. I know we have two colors of Lantern already in the game, but Larfleeze is different. Plus, he’s a bit of a comic relief, something the game doesn’t have (aside from Joker).


Larfleeze is an Orange Lantern (the only true Orange Lantern). He controls the orange light of avarice, which has completely consumed him to the point where he kills anyone who tries to get close to his lantern or ring. He then creates a hard light construct of his victim, and adds it to his growing army. He’s a pretty pitiful character, saying “Mine!” a la Daffy Duck quite frequently, but he is super powerful and hilarious, plus another alien in the game can’t hurt anything.

He has very similar powers to Green Lantern and Sinestro, except he has an entire army of constructs to himself. All of these constructs retain the powers they had while alive, meaning that Larfleeze has a variety of attacks at his disposal.

Supermove: Larfleeze teleports his enemy to his cave, where an army of orange constructs converge to attack. Afterwards, Larfleeze dumps his opponent into the orange power battery.

5) Mirror Master

Yes, he’s not much in the way of achievements, but think of the cool stuff you could pull off with this guy!


Mirror Master has access to an alternate dimension that he can access by passing through any type of mirror. Once in this dimension, he can return to Earth through any mirror anywhere. He also possesses a “mirror gun” that can turn any surface into a mirror, making getaways easy. He can also bring people along with him into the mirror world.

Mirror Master would make for some great fighting moves. Along with teleporting, imagine range attacks that are actually punches, with Mirror Master using a mirror to get his fist close to his opponent. Attacks from below become super powerful as Mirror Master dives through one mirror and up through one just in front of his opponent.

Supermove: Mirror Master opens a mirror below his opponent and tackles him into it. His opponents head bangs around on mirrors in the mirror zone, and Mirror Master keeps him falling until letting him drop, at a high speed, onto the ground.

6) Mr. Miracle

Aside from the brief Darkseid cameo, we don’t hear from any of the citizens of New Genesis and Apokolips. Mr. Miracle was one of these residents, who now is a hero on earth. His real name being Scott Free, he is the greatest escape artist in the universe. But that’s not what makes him fun to fight with.


Being a New God, Mr. Miracle has enhanced strength, agility, and speed. But what makes him stand out are his gadgets. Sure we’ve got Batman for that, but Mr. Miracle is different. He has access to a Mother Box, a sentient computer from Apokolips. Mother Box can open Boom Tubes (wormhole like tunnels used for fast travel or attack), and run quick scans on any situation. Aero discs are Scott’s favorite mode of transportation, but they can be used for attacks as well, his gloves are able to shoot lasers and produce sonic waves, while his boots are equipped with laser jets and knives.

Supermove: Mr. Miracle opens a boom tube, which sucks his opponent through to Apokolips, where he is attacked by Darkseid’s minions before getting boomed back to Earth.

7) Mr. Mxyzpylk

Mxy is an imp from the 5th Dimension. Most people know him as the trickster who frustrates Superman/Clark Kent until Clark can get him to spell or say his own name backwards (Klypzyxm).


As crazy as he looks, Mxy is extremely powerful. He can control the laws of physics and transform matter with a thought. He could make himself as big or small as he’d like, and his only limit is his imagination. He’s not really evil, he just enjoys tormenting Superman. In fact, Mxy will protect Superman when he can, because he wants to make sure Superman will still be alive to tease.

Supermove: Well…anything you could think of…literally. How about he turns himself into a baseball bat and his opponent into a baseball and smacks them into deep space.

8) Nekron

The unliving entity behind the events of Blackest Night and master of the zombie Black Lanterns. Nekron is the embodiment of Death in the DC Universe and is the most powerful dark force in DC lore. So basically, you’re playing as Death itself? Yeah, sweet.


Nekron’s powers are nearly limitless. He can warp reality, raise the dead, kill with a touch and fire black lighting from his hands. His Black Lantern Scythe is a formidable force in hand-to-hand combat and can also fire blasts of dark energy.

Supermove: Nekron rips a hole in reality and knocks his opponent through it. His opponent is beset by dead souls until Nekron impales him with his scythe, dragging him back into the land of the living.

9) The Sandman

Really either version would be fine, but Sandy Hawkins (the most recent Sandman) would be best. Both Hawkins and his mentor Westley Dodd, were members of the Justice Society of America. Donning a gas mask and a noir suit, Sandman uses his street smarts and skills to bring criminals to justice.


Besides being an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, Sandy uses gas guns, a harpoon/grapple gun (called the Wirepoon), and other gadgets in his crusade against crime. He also can control the earth in a limited way, using seismic waves to create small quakes and manipulate the ground. Sandy has a psychic connection of sorts with Morpheus, the real “mythical” Sandman, and he can use this connection to utilize a certain deal of precognition.

Supermove: Sandy blasts a shot from his gas gun into his opponent’s face, causing a deep sleep in a dreamworld where he is battered around by the Endless as Morpheus looks on.

10) The Shade

With this list, I’ve tried to pick out characters with powers different than those featured in the game already. Mirror Master and Sandman are the best examples of this, along with this final character, the anti-hero The Shade. The Shade (AKA Richard Swift) is over 100 years old. Trapped in the middle of an unexplained magical phenomena in England, Swift became immortal and found himself able to control the forces of the Darklands, a world of shadows and semi-sentient darkness.


The Shade uses the Darklands to create constructs of darkness, much like Green Lantern would. He can also use the Darkness to create corridors in time and space, making transportation a breeze. He wields a old walking cane that he can use for combat or to direct his forces of the Dark.

Supermove: The Shade plunges the fighting arena into darkness, confusing his opponent, who is then raised high above the stage, along with the Shade, on pillars of darkness. The Shade knocks his opponent off with a leap, and batters him on the way down with his cane.


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