This Week In Cinema – 11/1/2013 – Playing the Game

Posted: November 1, 2013 in This Weekend in Cinema
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The Blockbuster Report

It is an interesting weekend for movies as the calendar turns to November.  My Film to Catch is the adaptation of the sci-fi classic, Ender’s Game. Ben Kingsley, Harrison Ford and Viola Davis in a sci-fi flick based on one of the most iconic books of all time in that genre? We have a winner. Of course it makes things a little easier when there is no competition. Free Birds, if you couldn’t tell from the trailer, is a train wreck, as is Last Vegas.

Ender's Game is worth seeing in IMAX.

Ender’s Game is worth seeing in IMAX.

In limited release, the results are about the same. About Time almost becomes something really good, but settles for middling, Diana is almost unwatchable, which is too bad because the princess deserved better. The sleeper hit here is Dallas Buyers Club, the true story of a early victim of AIDS, and the lengths he went to try to find a cure. Matthew McConaughey stars in what some are saying is the best performance of his career, which actually has already been said this year, regarding his lead role in Mud.

A personal aside; for the second time in as many years, a studio has been unable to turn out an adaptation of a Jack Kerowac novel that holds up to snuff. This time around, its Big Sur. Too bad. 

Where Do They Come From?

As mentioned, Ender’s Game is an adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s famous novel. Free Birds is an original, and so is Last Vegas.

Original: 43

Adaptation: 30

Sequel/Prequel: 15

Remake: 2

Re-release: 3

Oscarwatch (Not including this weekend’s films)

1) 12 Years a Slave

2) Gravity

3) Before Midnight

4) Captain Phillips

5) Fruitvale Station

6) Blue Jasmine

7) Mud 

8) The Spectacular Now

9) Rush

10) All is Lost


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