Gravity 101

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Films
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So yeah, you guys remember way back in February when I listed ten films I was excited for this year? Gravity was numero uno, and it did not disappoint.

“I hate space.” – Dr. Ryan Stone

This film is certainly a must see. It is simply spellbinding and remarkable. We’ve seen all sorts of survival films, Life of Pi last year was a great one, but this is an all new animal. Sure, films like Apollo 13 and 2001: A Space Odyssey are space survival stories, but they are not outer-space-and-no-access-to-any-working-equipment-except-your-suit-and-its-running-out-of-oxygen films.


The plot is profoundly simple so I won’t give any spoilers away. I will say this though; director Alfonso Cuarón and his son Jonas have written a film that not only depicts a struggle for outward survival, but a complete fable on the survival of the interior human spirit.

Dr. Stone (Bullock) has had a tough life, a life she can’t escape from, a life driven by outside influences. But at some point you have to take control and choose to actually live, and not simply exist. That’s what this film is really about.

We can let ourselves drift in orbit, let ourselves be flotsam as the world spins us around. Or we can fight to survive through everything getting thrown in our way. There is no controlling the world on its axis, but we can control our own actions. We are meant to survive, we are wired to live. To lay down and give up on life is a tragedy that human beings were never meant to succumb to. Of course we’re not on our own. Dr. Stone wasn’t either, she has a friend who helps her see that she’s divorced herself from the joy of living to a point where it takes something drastic to reverse her course.

When you go see Gravity, and you should, allow it to wash over you, allow yourself the knots in your stomach as you wonder how in the world this story is going to end. And allow yourself to take in the battle raged by each of us on a daily basis, the battle to stop driving around, stop staying in orbit, and instead fight for your life, because it is the most precious thing you’ll ever have, and its worth fighting for.


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