This Weekend in Cinema – 6/28/13 – White House Down the Drain

Posted: June 28, 2013 in This Weekend in Cinema
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The Blockbuster Report

Well, if you wanted to pick a weekend to catch up on some movies that you missed, this is probably the weekend to do just that. White House Down is the second U.S. Capital Disaster film to be a Capital Disaster on the screen this year, and while The Heat looks to have its moments, it certainly won’t blow you away. Basically, if you like Melissa McCarthy, you’ll enjoy it, if not, then you may not as much. If I had to pick one as my Film to See, I’d pick The Heat.

All seems quiet on the limited release front as well. Redemption is your standard Jason Statham action film, Byzantium is a vampire flick with a weak story, Some Girl(s) is a subpar attempt to adapt the play of the same name, and Museum Hours, a romance between a museum security guard and a wandering soul who visits his museum. Joining them as well is the Civil War drama Copperhead.

Where Do They Come From?

Both The Heat and White House Down are originals. The Heat was written by Kate Dippold (Parks and Recreation), and White House Down by James Vanderbilt (ZodiacThe Amazing Spider-man)

Original: 25

Adaptation: 18

Sequel/Prequel: 9

Remake: 2

Re-release: 2

Oscarwatch (Not including this weekend’s films)

1) Before Midnight

2) Mud

3) What Maisie Knew

4) Frances Ha

5) Much Ado About Nothing

6) Upstream Color

7) The Place Beyond the Pines

8)  Iron Man 3

9) Monsters University

10) 42

New arrivals: Monsters University

Departures: Star Trek Into Darkness (#8)


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