This Weekend in Cinema – 6/14/2013 – Up, Up, and Away

Posted: June 14, 2013 in This Weekend in Cinema
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The Blockbuster Report

This weekend, Superman returns (get it? ha!) to the big screen in Man of Steel. Directed by Zack Snyder, and produced by Christopher Nolan, this is supposed to be the start of a DC movie world that will lead up to a Justice League film. I really only have one question. Has DC/Warner Brothers finally managed to make a critically acclaimed film about someone besides Batman? We shall see.  I, being a comic book nerd, am picking it as my Film to See this weekend.


Man of Steel’s only real box office competition is the widely released This is the End. It’s a comedy written by and starring Seth Rogen (man, I’m getting tired of him), and also starring James Franco, Jonah Hill, and Craig Robinson. I’ll be waiting until The World’s End comes out later this year to get my apocalypse fix.

Appearing in limited release is The Bling Ring, a drama about a group of teenage friends that head down a road of trouble when they start a life of crime. Emma Watson stars in this one. Vehicle 19, starring Paul Walker looks like nothing special, and the atrocious Hatchet III is also out this weekend.

Where Do They Come From?

Man of Steel is an adaptation of the DC Comics character, obviously. No, it isn’t a sequel. This is the End is an original, story by Evan Goldberg, and Jason Stone, with the script written by Goldberg and Rogen.

Original: 23

Adaptation: 17

Sequel/Prequel: 8

Remake: 2

Re-release: 2

Oscarwatch (Not including this weekend’s films)

1) Before Midnight

2) Mud

3) What Maisie Knew

4) Much Ado About Nothing

5) Frances Ha

6) Upstream Color

7) The Place Beyond the Pines

8) 42

9) Iron Man 3

10) Star Trek Into Darkness

New arrivals: Much Ado About Nothing (#4)

Departures: Side Effects (#10)


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