This Weekend in Cinema – 6/7/2013 – Purging Interns

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Films, This Weekend in Cinema
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The Blockbuster Report

It’s hard to find a good comedy film at the movies these days. I think part of the problem is that the truly creative screenwriters, the ones who actually know how to write comedy, move on to works in other genres, so it turns out that you have to go see films like The Avengers or Silver Linings Playbook to get some good laughs.

The Internship, a comedy that has Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson trying their luck as Google interns, is out this weekend, but looks to flop, at least artistically. Same thing with The Purge, starring Ethan Hawke, which involves a family trying to stay alive in their home on the one night of the year that the government allows crime to go free. If I had to pick one though, it would be The Purge.


The limited release films are the ones you’re actually going to want to check out this weekend, especially the new edition of Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Joss Whedon. Wish You Were Here, starring Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer, tells the tale of four friends on the vacation of a lifetime. When one of them goes missing, misconception, mystery, and mistrust abound as they try to find out what really happened. Both of those films look better than the wide releases, although I choose Much Ado About Nothing as my Film to Catch. Violet & Daisy also comes out this weekend, but looks pretty bad, so avoid it.

Where Do They Come From?

As you could probably tell by the brand of humor, The Internship is an original Vince Vaughn project, which he wrote with Jared Stern and produced with Shawn Levy. The Purge is also an original film, written by James DeMonaco.

Original: 22

Adaptation: 16

Sequel/Prequel: 8

Remake: 2

Re-release: 2

Oscarwatch (Not including this weekend’s films)

1) Mud

2) Before Midnight

3) Frances Ha

4) Upstream Color

5) What Maisie Knew

6) The Place Beyond the Pines

7) 42

8) Iron Man 3

9) Star Trek Into Darkness

10) Side Effects

New arrivals: None

Departures: None


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