This Weekend In Cinema – 5/17/2013 – Fascinating!

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Films, This Weekend in Cinema, Top Films
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The Blockbuster Report

We’re back to one wide-release film this weekend, the long-anticipated Star Trek Into Darkness. I’m no trekkie, but this is certainly my film to watch this weekend.


I really enjoyed Abrams’ first Star Trek film, and was excited to hear about a sequel. (Side note: seriously, how does one guy get to direct both Star Trek and Star Wars films? Crazy…Aliens!). Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my favorite actors. This film topped a lot of people’s “Most Anticipated” lists, and early reviews are indicating it won’t disappoint. Of course, since TWIC is always spoiler-free, you’ll have to wait for a review from me.

Limited release films this include: Frances HaErased (Aaron Eckhart), The English Teacher (Julianne Moore), and Black Rock. Frances Ha may be the only one worth looking into. It’s a comic look at New York City through the eyes of a worker at a dance studio.

Where do the Movies Come From?

The second film in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek series gives us our 6th sequel of the year.

Original: 18

Adaptation: 15

Sequel/Prequel: 6

Remake: 2

Re-release: 2

Oscarwatch (Not including this weekend’s films)

1) Mud

2) Upstream Color

3) The Place Beyond the Pines

4) What Maisie Knew

5) Iron Man 3

6) 42

7) Side Effects

8) The Croods

9) Warm Bodies

10) The Iceman

New additions: None

Departures: None



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