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Posted: April 20, 2013 in Films, This Weekend in Cinema
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Well, hello again, everybody!

Starting today I’m breaking out a new feature. Most weeks it will appear on Thursdays or Fridays, but the opening edition is today, a Saturday. I’m calling it “This Weekend in Cinema,” and it consists of three things.

1) A quick look at the wide release, or significant film releases of the week. I’m creatively calling this “The Blockbuster Report.”

2) A running count of “Where do the Movies Come From?” This is just a check at people who insist that the film industry isn’t creative anymore, even though evidence doesn’t show that. There are five categories a film can be placed in: original (written with no source material), adapted (film adapted from a book, short film, comic book, TV series, play, or whatever), sequel/prequel, and remake (this actually has to be a remake of a film. For example: Evil Dead, and NOT another adaptation of a book or something, this year’s Carrie film for example). Lastly, there is a re-release, which can be a 3D re-release, or an Americanized version (dub) of a foreign film (think Miyazaki).

3) Finally, we have “Oscarwatch.” This is a list of what would be in contention for Best Picture (and perhaps other awards) if the year ended today. I’m proud of the fact that I got 20 out of 24 Oscar categories correct this year, and that this list has accurately predicted the Best Picture Oscar winner for the past two years (which is how long it has been in existence). I’m also proud that I don’t try to pick Oscar winners months or years in advance. I’ve laughed in the past as films like J. Edgar and Cloud Atlas were raved about as potential Oscar contender, only to have those hopes dashed as soon as the film was released. So this list only deals with films currently released.

And so, without further ado…

The Blockbuster Report

This weekend we have essentially one main film of note: Oblivion. There are a few limited release films around (The Lords of Salem, Home Run, and In the House, along with what looks like a great Levon Helm documentary: Ain’t In It for My Health.)


Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise star in Oblivion.

Oblivion is my wide release film to watch, just because its the only one out there. I’ve had reservations about how good a film it would actually be, and it looks like those suspicions were founded. And in a year that we have a bunch of sci-fi films coming out (Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Elysium just as examples) this will probably be lost in the shuffle. I have heard it is a stunning film visually though.

My limited release film to watch is Ain’t In It for My Health. I’m a huge Levon Helm fan and as much as I generally don’t go for documentaries, this would be one to enjoy.


Where Do the Movies Come From?

To bring things up to date, before this weekend, these were the counts:

Original: 17

Adaptation: 13

Sequel/Prequel: 4

Remake: 1

Re-release: 2

And we add Oblivion to the list, as an adaptation of the graphic novel by Joseph Kosinski and Arvid Nelson, which makes for adaptation #14.

Oscarwatch (side note: lists are calculated on Mondays, so this doesn’t include Oblivion yet)

1) Upstream Color

2) The Place Beyond the Pines

3) 42

4) Side Effects

5) The Croods

6) Warm Bodies

7) Stoker

8) Evil Dead

9) Oz, the Great and Powerful

10) Mama

Full IMDB list here.

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    good post but i was really disappointed with this movie my review on it but good post

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