Prometheus I: What the Heck is the Problem?

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Films
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The new sci-fi thriller from Ridley Scott, Prometheus, has been the most divisive film of the year so far. It seems that you either love the film, or you hate it. And you know what they say, “haters gonna hate,” and all that. But the personal vendetta some moviegoers seem to have for this film is so ridiculous it’s funny.

While I did enjoy the Alien movies I’ve seen, I’m by no means a big Ridley Scott fan or a big sci-fi fan. But this film was well put together. Maybe it didn’t answer all the questions people had, but since when did we start this thing where a movie needs to do everything we want it or it’s a bad film? Scott never said this was a direct pre-quel to Alien, although it was set in the same universe. Not everything has to match up, and not all questions need to be answered. Sorry.

As as for all the plot holes people are whining about. Do these people understand the concept of science fiction? Or even just fiction? Is it a shock to people that alien life acts differently than human life? “Yeah, well, the star formation though. The position of the stars changes from place to place on earth so how did these civilizations map it the same way?” Answer: they didn’t. Were you paying attention when the scientists explained that the star system wasn’t even visible from Earth so they had to have been going off something else? “Yeah, but how did they know how to draw them?” WE DON’T KNOW! That’s the point! How did this happen? Why do you think Dr. Shaw went to find the Engineers at the end of the movie? To find answers she didn’t have yet.

Its really not that difficult. The plot is simple. 1) Scientists think they discover the origins of man. 2) They go to find our ‘creators.’ 3) They find out our ‘creators’ want to kill all of us using weaponry that backfired on them. 4) Bad stuff happens. 5) The humans stop Earth from being destroyed. It isn’t some intellectual plot that you need to be smart to keep up with. It’s simple. If you want to try to figure stuff out, then draw from the clues and try to piece it together. Think on your own instead of insisting on being fed out of sippy cup.

Unless you’re trying to figure out why its so hard to run the right direction away from a falling circular spaceship. I can’t help you there.


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