“You Will Always Kneel”

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Films
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Yes, The Avengers was such a good movie that it is certainly worth more than one blog listing. Although this one is a little more serious than the previous.

Early on in the film, we’ve got Loki causing some serious havoc. He smashes a guy in the face, steals his eye, and then proceeds to generate mass panic in the gathered assembly. He yells to the gathered: “Kneel before me!” He tells them that their race essentially demands to be ruled, that “in the end, you will always kneel.” Of course soon Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron Man arrive on the scene and break up his shenanigans and the day is saved.

After the film finished though, I wondered to myself how Loki just decided that humanity was “made to be ruled.” I mean, this is a loony demigod who has a deal with an alien army to get revenge on his brother and invade Earth, so maybe his credibility isn’t all its cracked up to be, but didn’t he have to see something that justified his claims?

And this is where we have to look from the movie to real life a bit. More and more each day, Americans are handing over their freedom in exchange for government rule. Just this week we have talk about banning texting and walking, and a Utah high school is expected to pay a $15,000 fine for accidentally selling pop during lunch hour. We see more and more frivolity in lawsuits, letting judges decide things we should decide ourselves (don’t forget that the courts are government too).

We’re demanding it more and more each day. We don’t want freedom. We want everything to be about us, but we don’t want to work for it. And governments will give it to us, until one day it gets so bad that everything snaps. George Orwell’s Animal Farm should be mandatory reading these days.

Are we tempted to see things Loki’s way? Just fall in line. Be ruled. Listen to directions. Is it easier? Probably. But it’s not what we’re meant for. We are not meant for comfort. Did Columbus settle for comfort? Ghandi? MLK? Bob Dylan? Steve Jobs?

The disconnect between the upper and lower class will be nothing if we keep going at the rate we are. The true disconnect will be between the people who work for their money and the people who don’t, and the people who know how to think and the people who don’t. It is hard being your own master. You look out for yourself (and a family if you have one), make your own decisions, and make your own mistakes, which you have to take responsibility for and deal with the consequences. It would be easier to be ruled, just listen to the government and do what they say, but that isn’t what we’re called to.

On a day much like today, under the same sun and sky, William Shakespeare decided to write Hamlet, and he didn’t need anyone’s permission. We’re not made to be ruled, we’re made for greatness, we’re made for freedom. And freedom isn’t free.


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